Jul 30, 2013

Needless Things Episode 7: San Diego Comic Con 2013

Surprise! It's time for another Needless Things Podcast!
I hadn't expected to be doing another one quite so soon, but when my co-host Mr. Beau Brown wants to talk Masters of the Universe, I have learned it is best to get on the ball and make things happen. And there was a lot of MOTU news to talk about coming out of this year's San Diego Comic Con. Mattel probably had their best showing yet.
But it wasn't all about Masters, or else it would be called San Diego Masters of the Universe Con. No, there was also news from Hasbro, NECA, and all of the other toy companies, as well as a few movie announcements.
Join me - Phantom Troublemaker, my co-host Mr. Beau Brown, Jay Hornsby (The Belligerent Monkey), and Ryan Schweck as we run down some of our favorite - and not-so-favorite - reveals and bits of news from SDCC.
Here's Episode 7 of the Needless Things Podcast!

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Jul 18, 2013

Needless Things Episode 6: LIVE From Odin’s Comics


No – the live recording of Needless Things Podcast Episode 6 did not fill up the Odin’s parking lot or Media Room and certainly didn’t make Bobby Nash and Jay Hornsby rich men. But we did have a great time hanging out and recording and the trial by fire of the Olympus W-802 Digital Voice Recorder was a success.

The point is that everybody involved had fun and we got a good conversation out of it. I learned several things that I will put into effect for the next live show on August 17th. I’m going to focus more on the show itself than trying to make any kind of event out of it. The bottom line is that we can record whether people show up or not. And as Bobby and I determined after the event, it’s pretty much always better recording in person, whether you have an audience or not. The interaction is more immediate and real and the conversation has a much better flow.

So here’s Needless Things Episode 6 – LIVE From Odin’s Cosmic Bookshelf. Myself, Mr. Beau Brown, the Belligerent Monkey, and Bobby Nash talk about our dork roots and the state of DC Comics’ media empire. I hope you enjoy it.


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