Aug 25, 2013

Needless Things Podcast Episode 9: CALABRESE

If you don’t know, Calabrese is a horror rock band out of Phoenix, AZ that I first discovered at Dragon Con back in 2009. “Midnight Spookshow” was the first song I heard and it was a revelation. I love music very much, but I just don’t follow it like I used to. So finding out that there was a band out there making this incredible music about vampires, zombies, darkness, and all of the horror stuff I love was great. The fact that they were also one of the tightest rock outfits I had heard amazes me to this day.

I’m happy to say that I’ve now had 2/3 of Calabrese on and we did a little exploring. Jimmy and Bobby came on and were absolutely awesome to talk to. I got into the history of the guys, their interests, their plans for the future, and what makes them tick, tock, and rock as a band. I had a blast talking with them and I think we covered some good ground. I hope you enjoy the show and pay careful attention – there’s a special announcement about Dragon Con towards the end.

For now, though, learn a little bit more about the band before you experience the Traveling Vampire Show LIVE!

Procrastibate” by

Midnight Spookshow” and “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch”, by Calabrese



Aug 17, 2013

Needless Things Podcast Episode 8: DJ Spider

It’s time for the next thrilling installment of the Needless Things Podcast!

After the magic of Heroes Con I knew I was going to have to do a full episode with the magnificent DJ Spider. I got to enjoy an excellent conversation on costuming with her and some other folks at Heroes and I wanted to do my best to recapture it in podcast form. Aside from the fact that we were all sober this time I think it worked out pretty well.

If you don’t know, DJ Spider is one of the premiere cosplayers of the Southeast. She is renowned for not only her skills, but the humor and wit that she puts into many of her costumes. Half of what she makes is based on dares. The other half is Dazzlers. If you’ve seen an excellent Big Barda walking around at one of the Southeastern cons, that’s probably Spider. Not only is she an amazing talent, she is also more than willing to share her knowledge and love of the hobby of costuming.

So sit down with me, Mr. Beau Brown, and the lovely DJ Spider as we dive into the world of costumes and cosplay.

Procrastibate” and “Marriot Cock Squat” by

Justice League Unlimitedby Michael McCuistion