Jan 29, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 17 - Adam WarRock: Racing to the High Five!

I couldn’t be more excited and quite frankly impressed with myself as far as how this year is shaping up so far. I am pretty awesome.

Just let me have this moment.

I have three podcast episodes in the can already and two more on the schedule. Three of these episodes are interviews that to me are Big Deals – dany only, today’s with Adam WarRock, and another one that you’re just going to have to wait a week or so to find out about. I’m almost wishing I had more monthly space on Podbean, but that’s not going to happen because that takes even more money. On a related note, if you like what you hear, ypu can donate by clicking that PayPal button to your right!

I give my whole Adam WarRock story in the show, so I’m not going to repeat it here. The deal is that his Doctor Who Mixtape dropped on January 7th and once I listened to it I was dying to talk to this guy. I didn’t know what format it would be – ideally we’d do an hour long Needless Things and record a ten minute drop-in about The Doctor Mixtape for Earth Station Who. But I’d take whatever I could get. I never know how folks are going to respond to things, so I was ready for anything from no response to a full hour and the drop-in.

Because Adam WarRock is a righteous dude we got the full hour and the drop-in.

Me and Mr. Beau Brown had a great conversation with the guy. We discussed his process, his nerd influences, and comic books.

Listen now! Adam WarRock gives you his comic book recommendations! How can you go wrong?

Procrastibate” by LeSexoflex.com

High School Reunion” from The Middle of Nowhere by Adam WarRock

Thrawn” from AdamWarRock.com by Adam WarRock



Jan 10, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 16 - “The Human Hand Grenade” dany only

Hey Phantomaniacs – it’s an all-new year and I’m proud to be kicking it off with an interview I’ve been waiting over a year for. My goal is to bring you no less than twenty-four new episodes over the next twelve months, and I have a lot of cool stuff planned.

If you don’t know, dany only (yes, that’s correct – no caps) is a professional wrestler that’s been working the Southeast for over a decade now. He’s a three time APW Tag Team Champion, a former GCW Tag Team Champion, and held the NWA Anarchy Tag Team titles with his partner, Stryknyn, for 77 days. All he ever wanted to do was wrestle, and he does it as much as he can. Over the years he’s developed a strong philosophy about the business and the people in it, and he’s not afraid to voice that philosophy loudly and often. Sometimes to the chagrin of others.

More recently The Human Hand Grenade has taken up the flag of the patriot, pointing out fallacies in American culture and society; particularly the media. His recent time in Afghanistan opened only’s eyes to the true meanings of both liberty and injustice, and he has brought those revelations back home. Needless to say, this has also caused no small amount of consternation.

I know dany from his time in Platinum Championship Wrestling and Dragon Con Wrestling. The massive tattoo on his chest – “Hated Yet I Persevere” – is what first drew my attention, but his ring work and mic work are what made me a fan. From his time as a heel with the Prophets of Doom to his role as Enforcer of the Empire to his run as the hottest babyface in PCW, only has always been one of the main draws of any card I’ve seen.

We talk about all of this, as well as only’s life outside of wrestling. It’s a fascinating conversation with an intense dude and I’m glad it finally happened. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

CAUTION: The Needless Things Podcast is most certainly not aimed at a mature audience, but does contain strong language and maybe even words of a sexual nature, such as “Wankle Rotary Engine”. Please listen responsibly.

Procrastibate” by LeSexoflex.com

Press Gang” by Murder City Devils