Feb 28, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 20: 2014 New York International Toy Fair

This past Sunday I got online with Mr. Beau Brown (
SciFiJanitors.com), Ryan Schweck (Evil), Jay Hornsby (The Belligerent Monkey), Josh Wilson (The Oncoming Storm), and Reverend Dan Wilson (Poddy Humor) to discuss the recent New York International Toy Fair. Check it out:


Feb 9, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 18 – Stephen Platinum: From Dungeon Master to Wrestling Booker

I am absolutely delighted to be bringing you an interview with the most brilliant professional wrestling mind I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Stephen Platinum. But he’s more than just a booker, he’s also a pop culture aficionado, which plays into his booking style in more ways than you could imagine.

We talk about Steve’s life, career in wrestling, and Dexter. His tour of Full Moon Studios comes up – something I’ve always wanted to ask him about – and of course we spend some time on the genesis of PCW (if you want that whole story you need to watch the excellent documentary, The Booker).

The Booker -Trailer- from Mike Perkins on Vimeo.

I had great fun talking to this man and I think you guys are really going to dig this one. It was hard to wrap up at the end; I think we probably could have talked TV and movies and horror all night. Enjoy!

Procrastibate” by LeSexoflex.com

The Wizard” by Black Sabbath