Jul 31, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 28: San Diego Comic Con 2014


It is time once again for the Knights of Needless Things to assemble and discuss the goings-on at the biggest media event on the planet – San Diego Comic Con!

Sadly Reverend Dan Wilson and The Oncoming Josh were unable to join us due to calamitous acts of one form or another. But we sallied forth with Phantom Troublemaker, our lovely co-host Mr. Beau Brown, the Belligerent Monkey, and Sir Ryan of House Schweck.

In this roundtable discussion we cover the SDCC reveals from our favorite toy lines – Star Wars, TMNT, DC Collectibles, Marvel Legends, Masters of the Universe Classics, and many more! This one went a little long and we still weren’t able to cover everything. But we did get in a bit of movie and television talk.

Tune in now and see what the Needless Things Irregulars had to say about the Comic Con toy scene.

Procrastibate” by LeSexoflex.com

The Toys Go Winding Down” by Primus


Jul 1, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 27: Heroes Con 2014

You guys – it rained on us again while we were driving to Charlotte for Heroes Con. That makes three years in a row.

This year’s deluge wasn’t the sort of violent meteorological upheaval that the prior years had provided, but we did encounter some very heavy rain and lightning. Thankfully it was brief and did not impede our travel to the only proper comic book convention that I attend.

If you don’t know, Heroes Con is a specifically comic book-oriented, family-friendly convention. The guests are comic book creators and independent artists. You will not find actors, athletes, or other types of personalities at the guest tables. You also won’t find adult-themed prints and media littering the floor for kids to see. The folks that run the con are very serious about maintaining an all-ages atmosphere. That’s why my family makes a point of going every year.
This year I only managed to get interviews with three creators before the con floor got too busy to allow for it. In this episode I chatted with JordanT. Neves, Brad McGinty, and Box Brown. I also sat down with the ESO Network’s “Howdy” Mike Gordon and Cousin Bill about the con itself.
Finally, I share a story about a terrifying, atrocious thing that happened to me over the Heroes Con weekend this year. This harrowing tale is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. So sit back, grab yourself a bottle of Pepto, and enjoy some interviews and reminiscences from Heroes Con 2014!:
Procrastibate” by LeSexoflex.com