May 17, 2018

Needless Things Podcast 213 – The Casket Creatures: Return to Wolfton


On this week’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast Dave interviews those lovable horror punks The Casket Creatures, LIVE in the Phantom Zone!
Today marks the release of he Casket Creatures' newest album – Return to Wolfton
Featuring some of the best work in the Creatures' history, this album sets a new benchmark for what independent music can be. Between live shows, social media, and convention appearances throughout the year, this band has a work ethic and a standard of quality not often seen from people who drink so fucking much.
Listen in as Dave talks to Kevin, Cliff, and Ryan about the culmination of years of hard work and dedication!
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2027” & “Phantom Zone” by The Casket Creatures
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Nov 9, 2017

Needless Things Podcast 186 – Kamikaze Zombie

Dave talks to Clint from Birmingham, Alabama horror punk/metal band Kamikaze Zombie!
Kamikaze Zombie started in 2014. They are heavy crossover band from Birmingham Al, with multiple influences from hardcore, metal, and punk. All of these very different influences led them to become their own genre of heavy music with multiple styles flowing through every KZ song. Kamikaze Zombie pushes to bring "old school" back to the masses with horror movie, serial killer themed stage shows and lyrics, black metal melodies, doom/sludge/death metal breakdowns, and in your face punk /thrash aggression.
Kamikaze Zombie has share the stage with Superjoint (Phil Anselmo and Jimmy Bower), Max and Igor Cavalera, Doyle, Crowbar, Raven, OverKill, Venom, Child Bite, GoatWhore, Iron Reagan, Battle Cross, Valient Thorr, Havck, Toxic Holocaust, Decapitated, Hammer Fight, Dark Sermon, Exalted, and many more.
Listen in as Dave and Clint discuss horror, metal, and comics in the newest episode of the Needless Things Podcast!
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Oct 23, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 78 – Return of The Casket Creatures!

The Casket Creatures return to talk to Phantom Troublemaker about horror movies and the Halloween season!

In the newest 31 Days of Halloween edition of the Needless Things Podcast Phantom sits down with Ryan Cadaver and Derek Obscura from horror punk band The Casket Creatures. The trio talk about their favorite horror movies and how often they're revisited, classic slasher franchises, and remakes. Ryan also puts over his favorite haunted attractions of 2015.

Listen in as Derek Obscura, Ryan Cadaver, and Phantom tear your souls apart!

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Graveyard Girl” by The Casket Creatures

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Apr 30, 2015

Needless Things Podcast 55 – The Casket Creatures

Derek and Ryan from The Casket Creatures visit the Phantom Zone to record a double dose of podcasts! 
Over the past few years Phantom Troublemaker has gotten to be pals with the Atlanta horror rockers after meeting them at the illustrious Clermont Lounge where they shared a bill with the legendary Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs. Since then Phantom has emceed shows for the guys and enjoyed general drunken revelry at various cons.
Today the guys talk about horror movies, music, and the history of The Casket Creatures, as well as their inimitable brand of live performance. 

Be sure you also check out Phantom's appearance on CreatureCast, which was recorded immediately after the Creatures experienced THINGS for the first time! 
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Today’s musical feature is from The Casket Creatures' new EP, She Screams - “Zombie Werewolves from Outer Space”!
The Casket Creatures on:

Oct 3, 2014

Needless Things Podcast Episode 34: 31 Days of Halloween – The Business of Fear!

This is literally the biggest episode so far!

Needless Things wanted to do something really cool for the first October episode, so we gathered a whole bunch of folks together to talk about horror and fear. Featured in this episode are:

Phantom Troublemaker – Your Host
Beth V – Needless Things’ Top Reporter
R.T. Ewell – Author and Needless Things Contributor
Ryan Cadaver – Lead Vo-Kill-Ist for The Casket Creatures
Nathan Hamilton – Son of Celluloid
Jonathan Williams – Wrestling With Pop Culture
The crew discuss their own histories with the horror genre, favorite movies and events, and personal fears and how they’ve been reflected in media. We also get the lowdown on what everybody will be up to this Halloween season.
Listen now or check the podcast out on iTunes and Stitcher!
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Judgment Night” by ONYX & Biohazard

"Zombie Werewolves From Outer Space" by The Casket Creatures


Aug 25, 2013

Needless Things Podcast Episode 9: CALABRESE

If you don’t know, Calabrese is a horror rock band out of Phoenix, AZ that I first discovered at Dragon Con back in 2009. “Midnight Spookshow” was the first song I heard and it was a revelation. I love music very much, but I just don’t follow it like I used to. So finding out that there was a band out there making this incredible music about vampires, zombies, darkness, and all of the horror stuff I love was great. The fact that they were also one of the tightest rock outfits I had heard amazes me to this day.

I’m happy to say that I’ve now had 2/3 of Calabrese on and we did a little exploring. Jimmy and Bobby came on and were absolutely awesome to talk to. I got into the history of the guys, their interests, their plans for the future, and what makes them tick, tock, and rock as a band. I had a blast talking with them and I think we covered some good ground. I hope you enjoy the show and pay careful attention – there’s a special announcement about Dragon Con towards the end.

For now, though, learn a little bit more about the band before you experience the Traveling Vampire Show LIVE!

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Midnight Spookshow” and “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch”, by Calabrese



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