Needless Things Podcast 150 – Resident Evil

March 9th, 2017

Phantom Troublemaker and Beth reminisce about the original survival horror franchise – Resident Evil!

Twenty-one years of terror! From the very first video game on the original Sony PlayStation to the current one-two punch of the seventh entry in the primary line of video games and the sixth and supposedly final film, few video game franchises have enjoyed as much success and notoriety as Resident Evil. With forays onto nearly every modern video game system and countless tie-ins, the series known as Biohazard in Japan is Capcom’s top multi-million dollar property.

Listen in as Phantom and Beth talk about being entertained in theaters and terrified in the comfort of their own homes!

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Needless Things Podcast 135 – BlackFriday/Hollywood

November 25th, 2016


Phantom Troublemaker tries something new with an audio version of Vintage Troublemaker!

Seven years ago Rob Zombie came to Georgia to film Halloween 2. Phantom Troublemaker spent a day on the set as an extra. The story of that grueling day of Hollywood magic was one of the earliest posts on Phantom’s MySpace blog – the precursor to Needless Things – and was later updated and reposted here.

Today’s episode is like an audiobook version of that post, read by Phantom in his inimitable style. It’s a test run for a new feature on, so let us know what you think!

PLUS – Phantom talks Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals on!

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Needless Things Podcast 103 – Hardcore Zombie Action!

April 15th, 2016

PhantomTroublemaker and Beth talk zombies!

FromGeorge Romero’s genre-creating Nightof the Living Deadto AMC’s mega-smash TheWalking Dead,zombies have become nothing less than a pop culture phenomenon. Thereare slow zombies, fast zombies, rotten zombies, and talking zombies.The undead are creatures that take many different forms and lendthemselves to a massive variety of storytelling and narrativepossibilities. They’ve been the focus of comic books, movies, andtelevision shows for decades and have become a staple of genreentertainment.

Listenin as Beth and Phantom talk about their personal forms of zombiefandom and discuss some of the best and worst of undeadentertainment!

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