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Needless Things Podcast 342: Tim Clarke - Return of the Boglins!


Boglins and Sectaurs creator Tim Clarke returns to the Needless Things Podcast to talk about the return of one of his greatest creations – 80s gross-out toy staple, BOGLINS!

One of the greatest toy concepts of the 80s is returning in a huge way via Kickstarter – go check out Boglins® World Domination right now for what is truly one of the best Kickstarters Needless Things has seen!

On this episode their co-creator, Tim Clarke, will discuss how those outrageous creatures that come alive in your hands have returned and what the future holds. Be sure to check out our past episodes with Tim – Needless Things 25, Needless Things 179, and Needless Things 189!

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Needless Things Podcast 179 – The Dark Crystal: Making the Mystics with Tim Clarke


LIVE from Dragon Con 2017!

Dave – formerly and sometimes still known as Phantom Troublemaker – talks to the wonderful Tim Clarke about his time with the Jim Henson company and his work on The Dark Crystal.

Listen in as Tim talks to Dave about his start with Henson, the experience of creating such an immersive world, and what happened to the toy line that Tim worked on!

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Needless Things Podcast Episode 25: Tim Clarke

Join Phantom Troublemaker and Mr. Beau Brown as we talk with Tim Clarke!

Tim worked with Kermit Love and for Jim Henson as a puppet builder and designer on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. He worked on The Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock, and is the man that built Uncle Traveling Matt. Tim also had a huge hand in the toy industry in the 80s, as he was the creator of both the Sectaurs and Boglins toy lines – two of the most original and notable lines of an amazing era of toys.

In this episode Tim regales us with stories of puppet and toy design and fills us in on what he’s up to now – still designing truly unique creations and even re-launching the Boglins! Listen now and enjoy!
After you finish the episode, you MUST go and check out Tim's Instagram feed TIMCLARKETOYS. It features his work on all of his projects, including prototypes and the design process. You can also find pictures of his unbelievable TOTIMS line. These are some of the coolest looking designer toys I've seen. If I weren't such a cheap bastard I'd buy some.
Also be sure to check out the TOTIMS website, where you can find even more awesome imagry.
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